Godspell was a great success – five well-attended shows, with smiles and cheers all around. Our assistant director Pat Hitt received this very kind note:

Pat, I can’t tell you just how much I loved the show…It brings tears to me even as I remember it..And I could have stayed all night and if my schedule would have allowed, I would have come every time.
I felt like the apostles at the table..I just did not want to have to say goodbye and leave…It was so much more than a musical or drama…everyone really carried the story so well..and embodied the joy and loss, strength and weakness, sensitivity and fragility and the love and humanness of relationships…and Jesus, well he had the ability to draw us close to him much like I imagine the real Jesus did!
I haven’t even mentioned yet how great was the humor, the singing and the storytelling…and the band was really rockin’. What else is so great was that Godspell brought people together from all over, from all walks of life, musicians, teachers, children , students.. all together working to make something really memorable and beautiful. “We can build a Beautiful City.” You did build a beautiful city. Please pass my comments along. THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Maria Tyksinski

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